Welcome to Polymics,® Ltd.

Polymics,® Ltd. is the world’s premier developer and manufacturer of ultra-high performance engineering polymers. With a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and our vertically integrated supply chain, Polymics offers a variety of products and services, including:

Material Development and Resin Compounding

Polymer Conversion

Other Operations

  • In-house ISO/ASTM Physical Property Testing with Material Analysis including DSC/TGA/DMA
  • Plastic Coating of Metal Components

We Do More Than Just Solve Problems.
We Provide Solutions.

Polymics® is proud to work with customers to develop ideal custom solutions for virtually any issue. Our core competency is the custom formulation of compounds uniquely designed to match the needs of our customers’ specific applications. We also have the capability to quickly offer a prototype part or near net shape to facillitate application development efforts.

Regardless of the industry or end-use, we have the expertise to quickly and economically create the ideal polymer for the job.