CAM Tubes™

Polymics,® Ltd. has developed proprietary CAM technology that allows us to economically manufacture unfilled PEEK tubes to longer lengths - up to 18.0" - and thinner wall thicknesses - as small as 0.100" - than formerly possible by standard molding or extrusion processes.

CAM processes result in minimal scrap material and shorter run times. Despite this, the mechanical properties of the PEEK tubes are better than their compression molded and extruded alternatives, while offering lower residual stress than injection molded parts. Click Here for a CAM-Specific Datasheet

Standard Sizes

Please note that while the sizes shown below are the standard commercial sizes offered by Polymics,® Ltd., Polymics® has the experience and capability to produce custom sizes geared toward our customers' specific applications. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have for sizes not falling within the ranges provided below. Click here for a printable version of our CAM mold list.

  • Outer Diameters (OD) of 2.0" to 10.25" in increments of 0.25" with Wall Thicknesses of 0.125," 0.250," 0.375," and 0.500"
  • In Outer Diameters (OD) of 3.25" and 5.75" a Wall Thickness of 0.625" is also offered
  • Lengths of 6.0" to 18.0"

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Benefits of CAM

  • Good for Small Lot Production (Batches of One)
  • Shorter Run Times with Minimal Scrap Material (Versatile for Fast Prototyping)
  • Superior Mechanical Properties
  • Longer Lengths (up to 19.0")
  • Thinner Wall Thicknesses (as small as 0.100")
  • Lower Residual Stress than Injection Molded Parts

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