Electrical (Semiconductor)

Polymics,® Ltd. has developed polymers that provide optimal performance in the following situations:

  • At elevated temperatures
  • In contact with highly abrasive solutions
  • When exposed to a variety of very aggressive chemicals

Polymics® is proud to offer materials designed specifically for use in the LCD, LED, and Semiconductor industries. Within the semiconductor industry, we offer materials that are specially designed to be solutions to problems in the wafer production process of semiconductor manufacturing. Our products perform well in a variety of applications where operating conditions include abrasion, wear, aggressive chemical environments, and/or high temperature environments.

Advantages of Polymics'® Material Grade

  • Reduction in cost of production/manufacturing when replacing quartz or ceramics
  • Dimensional stability and controlled electrical resistivity over a range of temperatures
  • Compliance with low contamination requirements

Common Applications for Polymics'® Materials

  • Wafer covers
  • Connectors
  • Sockets
  • Relay housings and wiring devices
  • Starters for electrical motors
  • Hard drive parts
  • Reader arms

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Challenge Us!

Polymics,® Ltd. is the only company in the world that has the expertise and manufacturing capabilities to take customers from high performance thermoplastic material development to final part molding and assembly. Our in-house engineering staff provides our customers with true one-stop “Problem to Finished Part Solutions” by working on their individual problem from start to finish.

Because of our vertically integrated supply chain, we have a full range of capabilities, including material development, resin compounding, polymer conversion, component finishing and fabrication, and even physical property testing.

Let us know about your problem(s) so we can provide the ideal solution!

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