Injection Molded Tubes

Polymics,® Ltd. offers “two-shot” injection molding, insert and overmolding, and other injection molding processes in order to provide the best solution in the shortest amount of time by eliminating the need for any final annealing or machining processes.

Injection molded tubes can be made up to OD 15.0" in 0.25" increments with wall thicknesses up to 0.75." Tubes are available in 6.0" lengths. Click here for a printable version of our IM mold list.

*Size and shape capabilities of individual materials may vary. Contact Polymics, Ltd. for details.

Standard Injection Molded Tube Materials

Please note that while the materials shown below are the standard commercial materials offered by Polymics, Ltd., Polymics has the experience and capability to compound custom shapes from a wider range of thermoplastic resins and fillers. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have for materials not shown here.

  • PEEK - Unfilled, 30% Glass Fiber, 30% Carbon Fiber, Wear Package, and 15% PTFE-Filled Polyetheretherketone
  • PPS - Unfilled and 40% Glass Fiber Polyphenylene Sulfide

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Fabricated Parts

Polymics is able to combine machining processes to give you a complete solution that has been tailored to your application. All of our finished parts are completed to customer requirements and can be made from customer-provided drawings.

If your existing parts are not working, Polymics is ready to help you upgrade to a better solution by replacing the material or providing you with a better-fitting component.

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