Medical (OrthoPEEK®)

Our medical and implantable grade OrthoPEEK® polymers are known for strength, stiffness, hydrolysis, and impact resistance as well as for ease of processing into thin or thick geometries.

Our medical grade OrthoPEEK® is offered in small to medium quantities for use in the medical device industry as instruments for minimum body contact (up to 30 days).

Our implantable grade OrthoPEEK® is offered in very small quantities for use in the human body for long-term implantation applications. All materials are under strict process and quality control and meet the requirements described in ASTM 2026-08.

Advantages of OrthoPEEK®

  • One of very few implantable grade PEEK materials available in the world
  • Compliant with US FDA regulations as an implantable material for medical device applications
  • Easily processed into thin or thick geometries
  • High strength and impact resistance

Common Applications of OrthoPEEK®

  • Membrane Backings
  • Respirator Parts
  • Sterilization Trays
  • Tube Connectors
  • Diagnostic Instruments

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