Our mission at Polymics,® Ltd. is three-fold:

  1. to remain the premier developer and manufacturer of highly engineered plastics
  2. to provide customized application-specific polymers, and
  3. to provide a fully-integrated manufacturing capability system for our customers

Moving Forward

As industrial potential is realized, new needs arise. Polymics, Ltd. aims to be ready with our line of engineered plastics to solve new problems. True to the principle of “Problem to Finished Part Solutions,” we aim to not just engineer the right material, but also deliver the ideal solution based on your specific application needs. That is why we also aim to maintain our Vertically Integrated Supply Capability, giving us the ability to create solutions at any stage of the manufacturing process.

At the same time, Polymics’® commitment to continued Research & Development will preserve our place as leaders in customizable material, leading both Polymics® and our customers into a field of high performance engineering material solutions.

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